Fundraise for autism

Achieve your fitness goals while promoting a life of participation, opportunity and choice for autistic Queenslanders. Whether you move 10 KM or just take 10 steps, this challenge is for everyone! 

Participate solo, form a team, or involve your entire workplace! We’ll support and encourage you throughout the journey as we unite to promote inclusion for autistic and neurodivergent individuals.


Choose a challenge to complete in October. Participate solo or with colleagues, teammates, or peers.


Complete your challenge anytime in October 2024. Spread it over the month, a week, a day, or host an event!


AQ delivered a comprehensive range of education, therapy and support services for autistic people and those who support them.

Get active for
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Autism Queensland is the states peak autism body. We have been providing education, therapy and supports for autistic people, their families and communities since 1967.

Demand for these vital services continues to grow, and to meet this need we rely on community and corporate support. By getting involved and fundraising for Autism Queensland you will be helping us provide a life of participation, opportunity and choice for the children and adults we support. 

Supporting 50,000 clients
Supporting 11,000 students
Research and development
Support for loved ones
Workshops & Education
Allied Health support

How it works


Sign up for FREE! Take the challenge solo, create or join a team. Involve your school, workplace, family or friends! 

Spread the word

Share your challenge!
Visit our resource centre for promotional material, tips and tricks. 


Raise funds by asking your supporters to donate to support Autism Queensland's essential services and supports. 

Ready? Lets go!

Track your progress

Use your Fitbit, Strava, MapMyFitness, or Garmin app to automatically record your workouts. Follow the prompts to link your account, start your workout in the app, and save it after you finish. Your distance will be updated on your fundraising page the following day.

Alternatively, manually log your activity in the "My Fitness Activity" tab on your dashboard if you prefer using a pedometer or another tracking method. Enter the required details and your logged activity will appear on your fundraising page for all to see.

Learn more with our step-by-step guide on tracking your activity


To start promoting your challenge, begin with your closest circle—your family and friends are often your strongest supporters! If you have a personal connection or a passion for supporting AQ, be sure to share this with your community. Explain why you've chosen to fundraise for AQ and your personal connection to the organization. After all, this is the heart of your efforts!

We have made some awesome social media tiles and posters for you to use to smash your fundraising goals! 

Some of our most asked questions

Do i have to fundraise for the whole month?
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Not at all! You can choose a challenge that spans the entire month, or you can choose to complete your challenge on a day, throughout a week, or every now and then. Get active however you can, and however you want to! This challenge is for everyone, with any ability. 

Can my club, school or business take the challenge?
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Definitely! Just create a team for your club, school or business and encourage your mates, peers and colleagues to join you! 

Can i track my activity online?
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You sure can! Connect your smart watch with your fundraising profile so your followers can see your progress. Learn more about tracking your activity here

Got any questions?

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Partner with us and sponsor the event

Is your company passionate about social responsibility? Join forces with us and become a sponsor. By partnering with us, you'll not only demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact but also support our ongoing mission and values. Let's work together to create a life of participation, opportunity and choice for autistic Queenslanders. 

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