Autism Queensland has been supporting people on the autism spectrum for over 55 years. We are dedicated to providing a life of participation, opportunity and choice and partnering with these children and adults, their families and communities to remove barriers and realise potential. Demand for our quality, evidence-informed education and therapy services grows each day. Your donation will help us provide the resources and facilities required to ensure we continue to deliver these vital services to everyone who needs them.

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Helps us provide food and utensils to help children and adults with food intolerances and sensitivies expand their diet and enjoy positive mealtimes.
Helps provide self-care kits for teen and adult groups focussing on encouraging individual identity and enabling confidence and self-esteem.
Helps us build a library of resources to assist children explore through play, books and sensory experiences.
Helps provide specialist furniture for children who need help to find focus and a sense of calm.
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