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Your donation, big or small, has a lasting impact on autistic and neurodivergent individuals. Your donation will help us provide the resources and facilities required to ensure we continue to deliver these vital services to everyone who needs them. Donations $2.00 and over are tax deductable. 

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Our vision is a life of participation, opportunity and choice and we achieve this by drawing on experience gained over 56 years of operation. Our strengths-focused, evidence-informed and personalised services and supports include individual therapy, diagnostic assessments, early childhood supports, therapy groups, mental health and behaviour support, employment services, autism-friendly schooling, parent education and professional learning, supported independent living and more. We are committed to excellence in service delivery and strive to support the development of every person’s potential. 

Your generous contributions can make an incredible difference to the lives of autistic individuals across the ages. 


Where your donation is going

AQ is the state’s peak body for the provision of autism-specific supports for Queenslanders of all ages. AQ provides a comprehensive range of education, therapy and support services to assist autistic people of all ages, their families, and the professionals working with them.


Open doors to brighter futures through autism friendly education and learning environments. AQ supports Queenslanders by offering AQ School campuses, EarlyAQtion Early Childhood Services, Inclusion Consultancy Services, School Advisory Service and Vacation Care. 

Therapy and Services

Expert-led therpay and resources to deliver unwavering support for all ages. Including; Therapy Groups, Allied Health and Diagnostic Assessments, Employment Services, Mental Health Services, Professional Learning and Parent Education, Specialist Behaviour Support and Supported Independant Living. 


AQ is actively engaged in research focussed on education, therapy and supports to improve outcomes for autistic and neurodivergent children and adults. Our dynamic research teams works tirelessly to promote evidence informed, high-quality practices.