Workplace Giving

Making small, regular donations to AQ through Workplace Giving is a simple and impactful way to make a difference in the lives of autistic children and adults. 

Even a small amount can make a large impact.

Ask your Workplace Giving Coordinator or Payroll Officer if your company has a Workplace Giving Form. If they do, nominate Autism Queensland as your preferred charity and select your donation amount or sponsorship preference. Alternatively, you can complete AQ's workplace giving form and submit it to your Payroll Officer and let them take care of the rest!

For as little as $1 a day, you can help AQ provide essential  services and supports

Why people love Workplace Giving

  • You get to choose the amount you deduct from each pay - even a small sum can have a huge impact. 
  • You will become a regular giver without having to do any work - your payroll team will handle it!
  • You won't have to collect tax receipts or wait until the end of financial year to claim your tax credit 
  • Your employeer may match your donations, doubling your impact! 
  • You can adjust your donation amount or opt out whenever you wish to. 
"I give through Workplace Giving as I believe in giving back to the community. It comes out of my pay before it hits my bank so I never miss it. It is a small gift to give, given the happy, healthy and fortunate life I have."

- Kendall M. 

Promoting AQ Workplace Giving in your organisation

Bring AQ's workplace giving program to life. Download and share the resources below! 

Infographic "Removing Barriers"

Employee Donation Poster

Register - Workplace Giving Guide

Matched Giving

As an organisation, you have the option to match your employees’ donations dollar-for-dollar, effectively doubling the impact and amplifying the difference we can make together.

Double your employees impact