Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising Guidelines

Autism Queensland is one of Australia’s largest and longest serving providers of services for autistic children and adults. Our highly skilled team deliver specialised, evidence-informed NDIS services and supports including specialist and diagnostic assessments, individual therapy, group therapy programs, early childhood programs, school advisory services, supported independent living, professional development and parent education, vocational and life skills programs for adults. We also operate an accredited, independent school with three campuses and centres in Sunnybank Hills, Brighton, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Cairns, Inverell & Surrounding Areas as well as state and nation-wide services.  Autism Queensland conducts and supports research and promotes evidence-informed practice to enhance the potential of autistic individuals to achieve valued life outcomes.

Every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small. With your generous support, we can continue to provide specialised education and therapy services for autistic individuals.

Autism Queensland is legally required to approve all community and business fundraising activities so, before you get started in your fundraising for us, we will need to authorise your fundraising event or activity. This will be done via email from your Autism Queensland representative.

All supporters are required to register their fundraising event or activity, no matter how large or small it is.  These fundraising guidelines are designed to assist you in planning your fundraising event or activity.

We request that you read the guidelines and seek approval for your event or activity prior to commencing any fundraising.

By creating your online fundraising page, you are automatically agreeing to abide with Autism Queensland’s fundraising guidelines.

Becoming an Autism Queensland Supporter

Any person, organisation, or group wishing to fundraise for Autism Queensland is required to accept the following guidelines, in accordance with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading Fundraising Guidelines and register their event or fundraising activity with us.

By creating your online fundraising page, you are automatically agreeing to comply with Autism Queensland’s guidelines.

Please read through these guidelines. Any arrangement for your event or fundraising activity must be planned with the written approval of Autism Queensland. You can register your event or activity by visiting the ‘Get Involved’ section of our website: Once you register your activity, we will contact you within two business days.

Fundraising Terms and Conditions

To obtain approval and authority to raise funds for Autism Queensland the following fundraising terms and conditions must be read and accepted and an outline of your fundraising event must be submitted to Autism Queensland for approval.

Autism Queensland will issue you with a written acceptance of your event, which will enable you to undertake fundraising on behalf of the organisation when:

  • Autism Queensland has received in writing a description of your fundraising event, outlining the proposed fundraising activity;
  • Autism Queensland is satisfied that the fundraising activity will produce an appropriate return after expenses have been deducted;
  • Autism Queensland is satisfied that the fundraising activity aligns with their aims and values;
  • Autism Queensland is satisfied that the fundraising activity is not high risk;

Any fundraising activity you undertake will be conducted in your own name and is the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. At no time do you represent Autism Queensland. You are acting on your own behalf to raise funds that will be forwarded to Autism Queensland. You must abide by all relevant State and Federal charities legislation.  

What we can do to help you be successful

  • Offer advice and expertise on event planning
  • Provide templates and other resources
  • Issue key messages and social media handles and hashtags
  • Provide a Letter of Authority to validate the authenticity of the event and its organisers
  • Provide receipts, Certificates of Appreciation and branded ‘thank you’ letters to donors

What we cannot do to help you

  • Provide on-site staff or volunteer support at your event
  • Extend our tax exemption to you
  • Provide insurance coverage
  • Provide funding or reimbursement of expenses
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue or goods for your fundraising activities
  • Provide celebrities for your event
  • Provide publicity, newspaper, radio or TV coverage
  • Provide mailing lists of donors, staff, employees, volunteers or vendors
  • Approach Autism Queensland corporate partners for event sponsorship

Financial Aspects of the Event/ Fundraising Activity

All fundraising events must be self-funded. Autism Queensland will not be held liable for any losses or expenses incurred by you in any circumstance.

It is a requirement that you keep accurate financial records of your event or fundraising activity. This means keeping accurate records of expenses, income sources, banking details and raffles on the fundraising record form provided.

The proceeds of the fundraising activity and fundraising record form should be forwarded to Autism Queensland within four weeks of the conclusion of the event/ fundraising.

Autism Queensland cannot pay any expenses associated with your event/ fundraising activity, nor can we be liable for any losses incurred if your event/ fundraising is cancelled for any reason or does not break even.

You, the fundraiser, must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the expenses do not exceed a fair and reasonable proportion (no more than 30% of total income) of the gross proceeds obtained from the event.

Receipting Donations

Individual tax-deductible receipts can be issued by Autism Queensland for people making monetary donations of $2.00 or more. If a donor would like a receipt, please complete a ‘Receipt Request Form’ with the donor’s full name, donation amount, email address and postal address. The ‘Receipt Request Form’ can be provided by your Autism Queensland representative on request. Please note that Autism Queensland cannot provide tax-deductible receipts for sponsorship, ticket purchases, entry to an event, donations of good or services, raffle tickets and auction purchases. However, letters of acknowledgement can be provided for donations of goods.

COVID-19 and your event

It is a condition of approval that all fundraising activities comply with all State and Federal COVID-19 requirements which are current at the time including contact tracing alerts and related public health advice. Please check for up-to-date requirements. 

Media and Marketing Aspects of the Event/ Fundraising Activity

The use of Autism Queensland’s Name and Logo (includes social media)

If you would like to use the Autism Queensland logo on any of your promotional materials, you must obtain prior permission from Autism Queensland and written authority to use the Autism Queensland logo will be issued. All materials and collateral printed with our logo and name must also be approved by Autism Queensland prior to printing and distribution.

Your fundraising activity cannot be advertised as an Autism Queensland event. However, it can be referred to as an event “supporting Autism Queensland.” You, the Fundraiser, can use the tag line “proudly supporting” on promotional materials. For example, “this event is proudly supporting Autism Queensland” or “funds raised will be donated to Autism Queensland.” Any Autism Queensland key messages or logos sent to you from your Autism Queensland representative cannot be altered in any way without the permission of Autism Queensland.

Media and Public Relations

To ensure the success of your fundraising event it is important to let as many people know about it as you can. Contacting your local media is one way to do this. Please do not contact any major media outlet before checking with us. Please also be aware that while being a valued fundraiser, you are not able to represent or speak on behalf of Autism Queensland, other than to discuss your support and fundraising activity.

A draft copy of any media releases must be forwarded to Autism Queensland for approval before printing. If you have any queries regarding publicity, please contact our Marketing department on 07 3273 0070.

A media release template can be forwarded to you by your Autism Queensland representative.  Autism Queensland cannot generate any PR for your fundraising activity.

Autism Queensland Representative

A representative from Autism Queensland may be arranged to attend your event depending on availability and the location of your event. At least four weeks’ notice is required. If you would like to make a formal cheque presentation to Autism Queensland, we would be happy to discuss this with you. A novelty Autism Queensland branded cheque can be provided subject to availability.

Raffle Guidelines, Permits and Collections

Some fundraising activities require permits, where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. For guidelines about raffles conducted in Queensland see There are three types of raffles.

  • Category 1- A raffle where the maximum ticket sales available is less than $2,000.
  • Category 2- A raffle where the maximum ticket sales are less than $50,000 but more than$2,000.
  • Category 3- A raffle where the maximum ticket sales are more than $50,000. These raffles require a Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming permit. If your Category 3 raffle extends into additional states outside Queensland you will need to contact each state’s Department of Liquor and Gaming to register for the relevant permits and permission.


Permits are required by the Council for outdoor events. Please contact your local Council representative if you wish to hold an outdoor event.

If your event or fundraising activity involves the sale of alcohol, please be aware of government regulations. Advice should be sought from the Department of Tourism and Racing Liquor Licensing Division. Information on the regulations can be found at


Autism Queensland requires that there be no door-to-door appeal, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind to the public in connection with your fundraising activity.

Public Liability

All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the event organiser.  As Autism Queensland is not the event organiser it does not cover any public liability on your behalf. Please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activities has the required public liability insurance.

Termination Policy

Autism Queensland may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate the authority to fundraise granted to the party involved, effective immediately, on written notice to the party.

Cause Related Marketing Policy (CRM)

Cause Related Marketing is when a company or group markets a product, image or service and build a relationship or partnership with Autism Queensland for mutual benefit. Usually, this involves the company donating a fixed amount of percentage of the unit sale price to Autism Queensland. For example, $1.00 from every chocolate bar sold is considered a CRM related activity.

  • It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to administer these products or services
  • Autism Queensland reserves the right to refuse any offer of a cause related marketing opportunity. Please call to discuss your CRM proposal with the Autism Queensland representative to ascertain if it is suitable for both parties.

Autism Queensland Brand

You, the fundraiser, are not to conduct activities that could bring Autism Queensland’s reputation into disrepute in any way. This also includes on social media platforms.

If Autism Queensland concludes that your activities are not in line with the Autism Queensland brand an Autism Queensland representative may terminate your fundraising permission.

Thank you! 

Thanks to your support, our therapists and educators can continue to develop evidence-informed services and supports for autistic people of all ages, equipping them for a life of participation and inclusion.