Just call me Dory

By Cassandra Miquita

My Activity Tracking


My target 15 kms

I’m helping people on the autism spectrum to live a life of inclusion and participation and I hope you will join me!

We should all be free to dance to our own amazing rhythm. 

For those I know who are on the spectrum. I don’t mention by name because it doesn’t define you. Who you are does ❤️

With injury rehab still ongoing I challenge myself to swim 15km this month. 

We all have challenges in our lives, but for people on the autism spectrum these challenges are often with things we take for granted like communicating, making friends, or knowing how to behave appropriately. 

Please donate to my page and join me in raising money for Autism Queensland to help them continue their work in supporting people on the spectrum to live a life of participation, opportunity and choice.