By Brunie Davis

I’m helping people on the autism spectrum to live a life of inclusion and participation and I hope you will join me!

We all have challenges in our lives, but for people on the autism spectrum these challenges are often with things we take for granted like communicating, making friends, or knowing how to behave appropriately. 

Please donate to my page and join me in raising awareness and money for Autism Queensland to help them continue their work in supporting people on the spectrum to live a life of participation, opportunity and choice.

My Updates

Blue cupcakes

Tuesday 14th Dec
Hi, 2020 and 2021 has been difficult for everyone in Healthcare and especially for us working in Mental Health. Wearing a mask has made us super-aware of the difficulties people with autism have with communication. We would like to highlight this with our effort- please show your support by buying a cupcake! Thanks!

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Good on you Brunie, and the cupcakes were delicious!




Heidi Fourie

Awesome cause Dr Davis. :D


David & Shantel Heath

Excellent idea




Brenda Graham

Great cause and well done you.


Philip Fourie