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Show your true colours

Celebrate Autism Month! Raise vital funds on AQtion for Autism Day (18 April) or anytime throughout April. We urge all Queenslanders to unite and play their part in raising autism acceptance, understanding, and much needed funds for AQ. Show your true colours, break down the barriers and take AQtion today. 




What is autism?

Autistic people may think, feel, communicate, interact and experience the environment differently. No two autistic people are the same – each person has their own way of seeing the world, which makes them interesting and unique. Autism is lifelong and a part of a person’s identity. 

Autistic people bring individual strengths, qualities and expertise to the community around them, and often experience difficulties and barriers in their everyday lives, particularly if they are not understood, respected or able to access the right supports or environments.

Third Thursday every April

18 April 2024

Join us to remove barriers, embrace everyone's unique strengths, perspectives, and raise essential funds and awareness for autism. While you can fundraise for Autism Month on any day, AQtion for Autism Day is a national day for the community to unite in solidarity. Host an event at your workplace, school or club to rally everyone together. 

Corporates & Organisations

Employee Donation Matching
Encourage employees to donate to AQ and offer to match their contributions up to a certain amount. 

AQtion for Autism Day Event
Host a special event for employees and/or the general public to celebrate. Charge a ticket fee for attendance, and consider inviting guest speakers or hosting interactive activities related to autism awareness. 

Create a challenge
Take on a challenge with your colleagues or employees and gather together on this day to celebrate - register your challenge online and collect donations.

Spread the word
Share our resources, social media posts to encourage your networks to donate to AQ or to choose AQ as a chosen charity for their workplace giving. 

Schools & Clubs

Free dress day
Show your true colours and collect gold coin donations.

Host a cake stall
Get your students, parents and staff to bake their favourite goodies and decorate them in rainbow colours.

Colour Run
Collect donations on the day, charge a fee or set up an event online and promote it/request donations. 

Fun run, walk or stroll
Gather donations for completing the course or in support of the event.

Create a challenge
Rally your members, form a team and have some fun. Register your challenge online and collect donations from the community. 

Trivia Night
Participants can form teams and pay an entry fee to participate, with prizes for the winning team!




We've got your back

Get ready to make a difference! Amplify your efforts with our carefully crafted posters and social media posts.

Lost for an idea? Our resources will make it easy for you to spread the word, foster understanding and raise funds. 

Celebrating Our Community Stories

Showcasing the wonderful, and inspirational stories of our autistic and neurodivergent community, and those supporting them. 

Meet Ky - AQ Client

Ky is now an outgoing and confident young man, happy to share his journey into adulthood.

While Ky's uncle, actor Hugo Weaving, narrated the first film, this time Ky takes the lead as he shares his story with Hugo and the viewer. This film is presented by Autism Queensland in partnership with LiveLab at Griffith Film School.

Meet Martin - Past AQ Student and current AQ Ambassador

Artist Martin Edge was a student at AQ Brighton in the '90s. He has been painting and exhibiting since 2007 and AQ is so very proud to have his support. 

AQ Student Story

The inspiring tale of one student's remarkable transformation at AQ School. In this heartwarming video, witness the profound impact of education as we listen to their story. From struggles to triumphs, AQ School's nurturing environment and innovative approach have empowered our student to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Meet Emma Tomlinson - AQ Ambassador

Noosa singer/songwriter, independent artist, professional musician, and actor Emma Tomlinson first lent her considerable talent to Autism Queensland back in 2019, when she shared, "Blue Haired Girl", artwork printed on a limited edition totes. Emma continues to build her career in the arts raising awareness and understanding, of the different challenges facing autistic women and girls. She recently collaborated with Autism Spectrum Australia's 'World Autism Understanding Day 2nd April 2024' campaign, which additionally supported Autism Queensland's aim to shine the light on both organisations promoting neurodiversity and inclusivity. We are proud to have Emma as an ambassador for Autism Queensland. 

Meet Alysia - AQ Teacher

"I have been a teacher at AQ School Brighton for three and a half years. My favourite thing about AQ is the people. Whether that be the staff, students or families there is a real sense of community at AQ that is welcoming and supportive." 

I have found my people and the place where I fit as a teacher. I cant imagine working anywhere else.

Meet Emily- AQ Occupational Therapist

AQ has supported my passion for working with teens and building social opportunities within our community.

I’m excited to be apart of growing and expanding service opportunities for our clients.
AQ provides an environment and culture that facilitates innovation whilst ensures quality, evidence-based practice that encourages authentic participation and growth in our clients and families.

Meet Marguerite - AQ Inclusion Consultant & Educator

I meet amazing families, educators and children all the time, and seeing them achieve success is immensely fulfilling.

"AQ are always at the forefront of developments and opportunities which leads to so many exciting projects for us to be involved in. I am excited to see how our early years consultancy team continues to grow and build capacity in the educators we work with which in turn directly impact the young children they work with on a daily basis."

Lighting up for Autism

AQ’s Lighting Up Queensland campaign is an excellent way to spark conversations and create autism awareness. Gather your family, friends and pets to visit any of our light up locations! Take a photo and share it with us and the community online - let's spread the word and excitement together. 

Share your photos and spark a conversation online.
Use the hashtag
#autismmonth and tag us @autismqueensland

Brisbane City

Tuesday 2 April

Story Bridge
Victoria Bridge
Reddacliff Place
Wickham Terrace Car Park architectural
Breakfast Creek Bridge, Newstead


Tuesday 2 April

Victoria Bridge
Wharton Reef Lighthouse
George Roberts Bridge
Old Magistrates Court House
Flinders Square
Little Fletcher Bridge
Central Park Boardwalk


Tuesday 3-14 April

Heritage Facade, Rockhampton Museum of Art

Fraser Coast

Tuesday 2 April

Maryborough City Hall
Hervey Bay Esplanade


Tuesday 2 April

Regional Council Main Office Building
Regional Art Gallery & Museum
April 2

World Autism Day

You can make a difference

Spread the word
  • Show your true colours on social media and tag us @autismqueensland
  • Share your story and tag us @autismqueensland
  • Bridges and heritage facades around the state will be lit up. Visit them, take a photo and share online #autismmonth @autismqueensland
Create inclusive environments
Whether it’s a workplace, school, or community space, everyone can play a role in creating more inclusive environments. This might involve making physical accommodations (sensory-friendly lighting or offering noise-cancelling headphones) or creating a more welcoming culture that values diversity and inclusivity. To learn more about AQ inclusion services, click here

Participate, fundraise and share

Schools & Clubs

Educate yourself and others about autism
The more we understand autism, and listen to the perspectives of autistic people, the better equipped we are to support. Take the time to learn about the different ways autism can impact children and adults, and the types of support and resources that are available.

Listen to and amplify autistic vioices
Challenging stereotypes and stigma surrounding autism is an important part of creating a more inclusive society. Listen to and amplify autistic voices to educate others about the unique strengths of autistic people and to support in advocating for their rights.

Finally, it’s important to celebrate the unique talents of autistic people. Whether it’s through art, music, or other creative endeavours, everyone has something to contribute to society.

How AQ can Help

About AQ

Autism Queensland is the state’s peak body for the provision of autism-specific supports for Queenslanders of all ages. Our vision is a life of participation, opportunity and choice and we achieve this by drawing on experience gained over 56 years of operation. 

Our strengths-focused, evidence-informed and personalised services and supports include individual therapy, diagnostic assessments, early childhood supports, therapy groups, mental health and behaviour support, employment services, autism-friendly schooling, parent education and professional learning, supported independent living and more. We are committed to excellence in service delivery and strive to support the development of every person’s potential